Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, another day, another year. Can you all believe it is 2009? Daryl and I have sent out annual letter..Late as usual, but its out there.... If you didn't get one in the next week or so and want one, let me know via my email address...
Anyway, Daryl's injuries were a little worse than we thought and it looks like we might have to operate. I will be having surgery on my knee so it will look like we beat each other up. All we will be missing will be the little stars that circle around our heads. I have a profile on facebook and you can catch a family photo as well. Take care..... maryellen

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daryl's Miracle Montana Flight Lesson

Daryl's Miracle Montana Flight Lesson

Dear Fam and Friends:

I will begin by saying that Daryl is fine.

Daryl had his first flight lesson last night in Dillian Montana. He hit a bull moose with his loaded semi truck. The moose was so big it launched Daryl's semi truck into space and flipped it 1 1/2 times. It landed with the drivers side down and then burst into flames. Daryl punched out by climbing up and out the passenger side, through the fire. The moose was creamed cheese, but Daryl with a lot of guardian angels and a Miracle from Heavenly Father survived with no burns, a big bump on the head and 30 stitches in his arm. I am asking you to please, when you say your prayers, to include a BIG thank you to Father in Heaven and those guardian angles.
I told Daryl that he may be a Redneck if....he had buck fever so bad that when he saw the bull moose, realizing he didn't have his rifle with him he had to play mack tag with the moose.... definition of mack tag is when you run out in front of a semi truck and try and touch the hood ornament before getting hit. Any way His responce was that he fully intended to
mount the moose's horns as a hood ornament with a plaque underneath saying...
" Warning to all critters: This is what is left of the last Critter to get in my way."

Anyway, Daryl says to tell you all that if you look up and see the whites of a mooses eyes out your front windshield, its too late, you're toast.

Talk to everyone later. Oh yeah, we DID have insurance. Luv, maryellen

Friday, June 20, 2008

Well its me again. I had a temporary brain freeze( that happens often) so I haven't blogged or typed, or anything for that matter in the last month, at least not that I can remember.
Grandma (Audrey) is doing well. She continues with her meds and the general Chemo treatments once a month. She seems to be managing at home well. She is lonely and would like calls and visits. She doesn't remember things very well, but if that required being put in a home I would be right next to my sister in law Cheri...(so she tells me.) Anyway...
My life in the past few months has been a real ride. I had a hysterectomy last year or better put... A Dr. of a slight acquaintance , cuts you open and rids you of your female innards. You end up..Ha Ha .. get it End UP... anyway I had a scar across my stomach that would put any mobster to shame. Anyway, after healing from that fun little visit to the "Chop shop", this past month at about 6am I had to call my trusty pal in crime...( my sister in law Cheri), to drive me to the hospital...Extreme pain from the kidney to the again female region... There should be a discount for Pain and suffering in Departments of the body. If that were true, I would vote to be a guy !!! Anyway I had kidney stones of Dinosaur proportion... Not surprising considering my age... but one was in the stuck position... I have said on more that one occasion that I have two speeds, mosey and stop. Anyway, this one was in the stop position between the kidney and the bladder. I needed surgery with yet another Dr. of slight acquaintance. I went to Spokane to Sacred Heart Med Center and they proceeded to attempt to break the stone up with a laser. My heart would not take it and began to protest.... I would have too had I been awake, but they had to then quickly push the stone back up in the kidney and install yet another tube from my kidney to my bladder. First they take everything out, and then end up having to put new parts in. The Hospital had not had their fun yet so they then tried to establish why my heart decided to protest the operation. What did they expect? After having 5 babies, a hysterectomy, I have had my feet in more stirrups than Roy Rogers. And He didn't have to have his butt in the air for strangers to enjoy. Do the words Grab Bag seem appropriate? Anyway they subjected my heart to a stress test. In my house that is waking up every morning. They took one look at my feeble attempts and walking and after they stopped laughing, they decided drugs were the way to go... I agreed... I thought ...Ahah, another trip to la la land... Wrong!!!.. They inject you with Nuclear waste or some such, to inflate your heart valves and speed up your heart. If I had know that was what was required, I would have asked to see the menu to the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. Anyway, after my heart exploded, or at least it felt like it did, they scanned it and sent me home once again with an " Alls clear" to return to the Chop shop. 2 weeks and several pain medications later, I went back to Sacred Heart to once again share my charms with the world and several new nurses. They did break the stone up and took out the tube... What part, I wonder, will need to be replaced next...hummm?
Anyway, I am for now, stirrup free and looking forward to keeping both feet firmly planted on Terra firma. I hope this all makes sense to you all.

Hope to send photos of the Stoker Family Free-for-all Reunion. Actually, Daryl and I are going to meet all the kids and grand kids in Salt Lake City this year (next week) instead of the annual fishing trip. I vote to return to fishing. It may be more boring but I have to walk less, can breath better, and thus can talk more. Anyway, we will from our various stations across this great northwest (except for Ashley and Scott) They live in hell, oops I mean Arizona. Same difference... temperature wise that is. Anyway, we are all going to decend on Salt Lake C.. This May cause enough of an uproar, the second coming will be forced into effect.
To say the least, it will be a new version of Stokers gone wild. Yes, this should prove to be a new amusement site in that great city. 14 adults of varying stages of ages plus 12 and1/2 kids the 1/2 being provided by Ashley, as they make their way to the historical sites, Dinosaur museums , Daryl and I can give comment on our friends, and then to the Zoo. Natosha (our neice) and her husband and rug rats will join us. We intend to swim... and with that my friends, we will have the greatest gathering of mayonnaise legs and white flesh that the water has seen since the great white shark migration. Get out the Sun glasses!!! Daryl and I will swim late at night as not to frighten the children. Plus, we don't want to empty the pool for everyone else. The last time Big D and I went into the water, they started the Jaws theme on the intercom. People fled the hotel, and we were asked to vacate the pool so they could fill it up again for morning. Not really. Anyhow, I will get major written instructions to how to upload or down load or post or one of those things of our great Stoker reunion pictures and dialog on the WWW./ Mind you the censors will probably screen the two photos of the Walrus bodies swimming late at night, but that will most likely be a blessing. Any hoooo. Have a great week and hope you all can interpret insanity writing as it is the only excuse I have... Love ya lots,,,, write me. Maryellen

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13, 08

Just another day in the life of Maryellen and her wonderworld. Today I spent some time in the rain (taking Daryl some gas as his pickup ran out.) I spent some time on the phone...(My mother in law's phone died and we thought she had. (We finally got hold of her.)
I went to Relief Soc. to learn how to
1. Do my nails.. (that would be great if I could grow some first)
2. Decorate my house (this would be useful if I could find anything I already bought for
the projects in the first place....)
3. Exercise myself to fitness... (the last time I tried their aerobics was in 1976 and didn't
walk for a thanks! But I'll take the information ....thanks
4. Dress for Success. (Now if they start carrying my size in the cute little catalogs I'd have a chance.. ) However, you can always accessorize your Goodwill specials with
Wally World Jewelry. I wonder if pearls will go with my sweat pants? Have you
wondered why Victoria's Secret doesn't carry XXlarge sizes? If I tried out the
clothes they offered I'd have no secrets left at all thats for sure.. One secret would b
poking out one side while the other squishing out the other...
All kidding aside...I don't think it would do for me to show up in a pink and black
teddy around Daryl. He'd take one look and keel right over and my life insurance
policy isn't that much.
So to make a long story shorter....I ate the dinner at the Rel. Soc night and skipped out to come
home and read a good book.... I think I'll do that manicure tommorrow...right after I have that second piece of cake. (One can never get to much exercise after the strainous activity of fork lifting... HUM? I wonder if that would lead to needing a fork lift? ) Love to all,

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome to Maryellens World

I decided to start a blog site so I can update without having to email everyone on the happenings in my life and Grandma Stoker's condition. I will put up new pics of the kids occasionally so stay tuned.
Grandma continues in good condition. No breast cancer and that is a great relief. She is restless now that spring has sprung but she is doing good health wise. She continues to have her Primary Dr visits every two months and her cancer treatments to maintain the size of her bone cancer in her back once a month.
Arin and Joe and their girls came to visit this weekend and it is fun to visit and play with them and the girls.
Don't know if you have heard that Austin got married. He married a sweet girl (Michelle) from North Dakota. She has a 7 yr old son named Orion. They live and work in Fargo..
Arica will be taking her High School Dance team to Southern California to perform at the end of this month. I will be taking care of Michael and Violet and that should be fun but I'm sure to loose weight just keeping up with them.
Arin and Joe's daughter Brooke is being blessed last weekend in March in Spokane to I will go from Idaho Falls (Arica's house) to Spokane and then home. Should keep me busy for a while.
Well this is my first message so I will keep it short and sweet. love, me